The best Czech O-Runners – running efficiency test

Czech Ergonomics Associaton, an important partner of the World Orienteering Championships 2021, tested (with our small organizing help) the effectiveness of Denisa Kosová and Vojtěch Král running performance. Denisa was recently awarded as the best Czech O-Runner of 2020 and Vojtěch was second so we believe we started testing with the right ones.

The chairman of the Czech Ergonomics Associaton, Lukáš Šoltys, said of the testing process itself: “The expert team of the Czech Ergonomics Associaton helps our national team runners test the efficiency of their running and look for opportunities to improve their exercise habits. Using Myontec EMG Smart Clothing, we analyzed the distribution of muscle activity and strength at a graded pace on distance of 400 meters along the forest road with a final part in maximal intensity and then at the endurance pace when running through the forest (race speed of long distance). The results showed that Denisa and Vojtěch have a running in their blood and the efficiency of their muscle work is very good. For example, we have found that they can quite evenly engage adequate muscle groups on a solid surface and in the field, and their muscle activity responds perfectly to changes in pace and terrain. “